With this popup layout package for Divi Theme, you could create great popups, slides, and also notification bars which catch the visitors ’ attention.

Divi Popup Layout Features

  • Totally easy to customize
  • All pop-ups are customizable within in the divi visual builder
  • Popup  triggers
  • You can start a popup with such a link, a scroll, an exit actions or a label.
  • View options
  • You could use pop-ups in the Divi Builder using all the positioning options.
  • Use any Divide Module
  • In the popups, you could even put any Divi module.
  • Five different places to
Divi popup layout

Display the slide-in to

There are 4 ways to  Execute the popup

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The label will take care of your guests and encourage people to click on it. This is really a good way to reveal  your contact information, your services, or even let your guests fill in a quote form.


You could start a popup with a link or a button. For example, you could create a quotation form as just a popup and start it with the buttons on your web page.


You could placed a point on the page to start a popup. It is a good way to get your visitor’s credit for giving them a promotional offers.


Whenever a visitor leaves your website, you could start a popup with an exit-intent trigger and also give them a best offer.

popup intent divi

How it’s working

  • Import the popup
  • So when you import popups/slides to your Divi library, you could import them to any page or to the Divi page Builder.
  • Customize the popup
  • Customize the popup/slide in the divi visual builder. You could put any Divi module on the popup/slide-in.
  • Choose a trigger
  • For your popup/slide-ins, you can choose different triggers.
  • Button/link to
  • Labels
  • Scrolling
  • Exit-Intent to
divi discount