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Divi Areas Pro – The Most Popular Divi Plugin

Written by Firman


Developed by Divimode, the developer behind the free plugin Divi Popups – with more than 20,000+ active installations and undoubtedly the most widely known Divi Extension.

This premium Divi plugin is a lot more than a paid version of Divi Popups. This is a latest way to build websites.

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Create content that is engaging

Go over the sections and rows. With Popups,  Fly-ins, Tooltips, and Dynamic Inline Areas, you could build truly interactive elements never seen before!

Conditional Contents

Whether you’d like to show a Popup on some pages or just display a contact form to login clients: The Display Conditions were also part from every Divi Area.

divi areas pro

Custom-made triggers

Fine-tune the trigger for each region: Display that after a few secs, once you scroll down, when you exit or even when you hover a certain element. Or even create full JavaScript custom triggers. This is your preference.

Top Compatibility

The aim of Divi Areas is to support each module which is available through Divi. It performs well to the Divi Page Builder plugin, the WooCommerce plugin, the Extra theme, and a lot more.

Powerful APIs

The plugin is based on a battle tested, extremely configurable API which you can incorporate in to the  theme to start taking your website towards the next level.

Clean and lightweight

There’s no garbage in the admin panel. Clean and well documented code. It keeps things simple and straightforward. they’re focusing on providing you with a cutting edge  tool that looks like it’s always been part of Divi.

Combines along with Divi seamlessly

The Interface looks very familiar with Divi, you (as well as your customer) wouldn’t even notice that you’ve installed the new plugin! No learning experience, no CSS courses to understand, no wacky, scientific mumbo jumbo.

Priority Help Support

Each function in the plugin will have an inline support section .If you’ve a question, please contact the developer via the Live Chat on their website or open the Support Request here on the Divi Marketplace.

Frequency updates

There’s a lot going on in our road map, and the developer also listening to their clients. Count on stable code, fast bug fixes,  and frequent bug fixes.

update divi areas pro

Area Types

With Divi Areas Pro, you could make custom content and identify it as a Layout-Type. So every type has its own different characteristic, individual configurations and covers different requirements. These are the layout-types that you can choose from:

Popup – displays a layer that includes the whole page.

Fly-In-small, sticky boxes (or bars) which slide through from the side.

Hover – position the area relative to the trigger, is like tooltip or a mega menu

Inline – Inserts the contents of the page as a normal section

Unique Trigger

All types of Layout can be triggered dynamically. To build an individual’s personal user online experience, you could choose between each of the built-in triggers:

  • On Mouse Click 
  • on Mouse Hover 
  • After Delay 
  • on mouse Scroll 
  • Exit Intent 
  • Inactivity
  • On Browser Focus 
  • On Mouse Click 

Any trigger may be disabled or enabled on a smartphone basis: Desktop, tablet, phone.

For example, you can start a Popup via an exit-intent on desktop or use a lack of activity trigger for smartphones or tablets.

Post Type Selection

Choose any posts,pages,  and URLs which should be loaded to the Area. It already integrated Divis “Theme Builder” rules into Divi Areas Pro to ensure seamless customer experience as well as fully integrated logic.

Smart High Performance

Clients appreciate the Divi Areas performance! That’s the result of divi areas pro  smart JavaScript modulation logic, which sets up and initializes on-the-fly areas with extremely smart and efficient compression.

Divi Areas Pro leverages static Divis file cache and is constructed with stability, performance,  and security in brain.

divi discount

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