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Divi Pricing Plans – Get Limited Discount for Divi Theme

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Divi is number one WordPress Premium theme in the market. It’s very simple to understand about this. Elegant Themes, the creators of Divi, had around 600,000 customers all over the world who are attract to Divi for its simplification and strength. Many of these clients are developers who have developed from dozens to hundreds of Divi websites.

Whether you’re planning on creating your own website or creating websites for everyone else, Divi is a great investment. Luckily, Divi’s pricing structure has been simplified over all of the years. Throughout this article, we’re going to look about what Divi charges and see what’s include to guide you discover the right choice for you as well as your business.

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Divi Pricing Membership Plans

Elegant Themes does not charge Divi as the only one product. Rather, they create a network around all their products by offering to buy membership. A membership program provides you the access to all that they have, and you could even install it all on unlimited sites for both you and your customers. This is a license that offers unlimited internet sites and consumers, and access to anything.

So if you enter the Elegant Themes subscription plan, you will have full rights to Divi, Bloom, Extra, the Divi Builder plugin, Monarch and dozens of designs that work both for Extra and Divi. Layouts are including open source pictures and free-to-use illustrations.

Other Elegant Products Also include On Membership Program

Once you buy Divi, you do not only get full access to Divi theme, but also all other Elegant products. Membership of the Elegant Themes will includes:

Extra Theme

Extra is the newest WordPress magazine theme in Elegant Themes. This is their first launch since the amazing Divi wordpress theme, a product which remains to gain constant updates, new features and as a whole improvements.

Since Divi is a flexible, multi-functional theme which can be use to develop almost every type of WordPress site, Extra does have a clear focus. The Extra theme was being develop for bloggers and online newspapers who want to have a WordPress theme that puts their information in the front and center while still making sure that their webpage is user friendly and feels awesome.

So, if you’re trying to build a news or blogs and magazine website, Extra could be the theme you’re searching for.

Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin

Bloom wil help you to create email opt-in forms inside your page, It also can connect to email newsletter or email marketing software. Whenever someone signs up by using Bloom Opt-in plugin form, they will be place to your mailing list.

Bloom operates with various different email marketing service and allows users to create various types of opt-in forms that occur in different places of your webpage and also in different forms (like fly-ins, pop-ups or normal inline forms).

Monarch Plugin

Monarch is a social following and sharing plugin. The plugin make you share even more on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Monarch does this by using a variety of different social networking integration methods, like inline sharing buttons, social sharing sidebars, flying boxes and pop-ups .

By enabling your visitors to share and going to make it easy for them all to share, Monarch can greatly enhance the social sharing action on the website. In fact, Monarch often did help you get much more followers on social networking sites by making it so easy to link to your social media profiles and show your social number of followers. Monarch excels in providing you with improved methods of social networking and in-depth customizations and statistics.

Divi Builder Plugin

Divi Builder is a brand-new product from Elegant Themes which could transform the way you construct websites.

Based on Elegant Themes’ powerful Divi wordpress theme. Divi Page Builder is a Plugin that operates with practically any WordPress theme—including those not developed by Elegant Themes.

Divi Builder allows the user to change not only the content of your site. It also the layout of the site itself, without changing WordPress themes.

When your site uses a theme you’re happy with, consider installing the Divi Builder Plugin. The plugin will make benefit for their user so they don’t have to code to build their webpage. The user also didn’t have to change the installed wordpress theme.

Divi Theme Pricing Plans

There have been two options for purchase:

Access for $89 per year. You could continue or cancel membership every year. If you discontinue, you will keep it all you installed, but you will not have access to support and latest update .

Lifetime access at $249. It is a one-time charge, and then you’ll have full rights to everything for life, such as support and updates. It was our favored access what we’re recommending.

If you join Divi premium membership program, you will get a 30-day money back guarantee, and there’s really no risk to try Divi . After you sign up, clients could even cancel or shift to another package.

There are many discounts available which you can enjoy the benefits of it at any time so you don’t have to wait for a special offer. These discounts include lifetime or yearly access.

Divi Discounts

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These special discounts could be remove at any time, and if you consider purchasing Divi anytime soon, we advise going ahead and getting the benefit of either of the Divi pricing options.

You can see all the available discount here.

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