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Divi Masonry Gallery Review – Divi Gallery Extension by Destaca Imagen

Written by Firman


Do you wish to use WordPress to make a masonry-style gallery? Sometimes full-view thumbnails must be display without cropped in height or width. People also could observe that the photographs in an image gallery already trimmed to fit into the rows and columns. You could, however, switch your image gallery’s display to masonry.

The WordPress masonry gallery can be altered in countless methods to make it seem ideal for the website for your business or brand. Given the predetermined width, the amount of images, and the required amount of space, you can choose the number of rows and columns or let the gallery choose the number that works best for you.

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The Masonry Grid Layout: Why is It So Popular?

You may have observed that masonry grid layouts are more common these days. Pinterest is one of the biggest websites that has used this method of image display.

Because more elements may fit into the same space, the masonry grid style reduces the height of the page, which is one of the main reasons it has become so popular. Website page takes a little longer to load , its because internet usage is becoming more and more convenient as the speed of the connection increases worldwide.

A masonry grid arrangement enables you to offer a greater number of photos to internet viewers at once, which is advantageous. The photographs aren’t cropped at the same moment, guaranteeing that they keep their original quality. Due of this, the impression is most effective when the gallery contains photographs of various sizes.

When a gallery contains a lot of photographs, this gallery layout usually performs effectively. If there aren’t enough photographs to fill more than one or two rows, the layout may appear overly disorganized. However, a masonry gallery plugin might be quite useful if you need to display more photographs in your gallery.

Divi Mansory Gallery Plugin

Are you going to create masonry galleries to the Divi theme website and discover it to be hard? Well, it isn’t hard to do this, but sometimes it starts to feel as much as rocket science with Divi Masonry Gallery plugin you can create mansory gallery in easy way. 

The Divi Masonry Gallery helps to create contemporary and distinctive image galleries in just only in a several steps. Choose the pictures that you’d like to display, customize how much columns you would like to display, and the space among the pictures. Also, if you really want, you could even allow a modal popup that is launched when you choosing a full-size image to display.


100% works seamlessly with the Divi Builder.

Mix images of portraits and landscapes.

Responsive to the configuration settings within each screen size.

Hover Effects: display the overlay icon or show the caption and  title  of the image

Launch the gallery in the modal popup and show the caption and title  of your image.

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