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Extra Theme Examples Demo Website

Written by Firman


The Extra Theme  was published late December 2015 as a wordpress theme specifically designed for news site and bloggers. The Extra Theme provides a number of extra features on the  Divi Theme, making it easy to maintain website content for everything from individual travel websites to major news sites. Such as Divi, the Extra Theme is officially part of the Elegant Themes subscription and also is based on the Divi page Builder.

Extra Theme Vs. Divi

Compared to Divi, Extra is much less popular among web developer.  The number of third party web developers making products for Extra also is significantly lower than those for Divi. Aspen Grove Studios seems to have an Extra Child theme so there are a few certain products out there which function on both extra and Divi, however in truth there are so few choices for Extra.

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The difference among Extra theme and Divi as explained on the Elegant Themes website is that “The main focus of Divi will be on the page, the objective of Extra will be on the post feed.” Extra does come with additional features which are not provided in Divi by default, like the category builder and numerous post options which are designed to make your blog entries and news articles far easier to create and display.

Although many people default using the Divi as main theme and have a very strong support community and third parties products, but when the Extra Theme layout design and out-of-box features meets your news or blogging site needs, it might be interesting to explore more.

Take a glance at some of live Extra Theme examples demos below and see if it can do.

Extra Theme

extra theme example demo

Ballymena Today

Ballymena Today is a city resource and daily local news and  for the Ballymena city.

Bayley’s Bulletin

The Bayley Bulletin is a Seton School community website.

Twin Mania

Twin Mania is a parenting website covering the life of twins.

36th Avenue 

The 36th Avenue is  a DIY , a recipe and crafting blog.

The Host of Podcast

The Podcasting Host is a blog of podcasting and website resource site that wants to support its users release and expand their own podcasts.

The Tale Of Two Backpackers

The Tale Of 2 Backpackers is a travel journey blog that follows a couple journeys inside India and around the world.


Furni is home products and furniture store that proves that Extra isn’t just for the news and bloggers sites!

Uncharted Andrew

Andrew Uncharted is a photography and  travel  blog that includes this photographer all over the world.

Vege Angel

Vege Angel is a chinese  and english billingual food blogging website for vegan recipes.


Has the example website above provided inspiration to build your website?. With an extra theme that is also integrated with the Divi visual page builder, you can customize your website design. With the Extra theme, you can even create a more professional and more beautiful website easily, and all that you can do is not limited to the imagination you have.

Still unsure about the Extra Theme?, you can try it yourself with a 30 day money back guarantee, of course there’s no doubt to try it yourself. The extra theme is sold for 89 dollars per year or 240 dollars for a lifetime license, this price is very, very cheap when compared to premium wordpress themes or page builders on the market. When compared, you get only one wordpress theme with limited designs at a price of around 80 dollars for only one website, with divi you get hundreds of designs and unlimited use of websites.

Click the link below to get a 10% discount for a limited time and feel the convenience provided by the extra theme and divi builder

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