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Divi Theme and Woocommerce

Written by Firman


The best themes contain fast and simple eCommerce management solution so that you can import items and handle stuff like promotions, coupons, buttons and product pages. Your design is the first thing the people can see when they come to your website. It leads everyone through the process, and it really holds the difference for someone who is happy with the experience or not.

In general, WordPress designs are important, and the Elegant Themes Divi website builder is a pretty nice choice for you to choose. It can be used for a typical company website, but it also provides e-commerce modules and quick selling systems.

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Why is Woocommerce

WooCommerce is a fully configurable e-commerce plugin which supports 42% of most online shops. Its simplicity makes it the best choice for almost every environment for e-commerce. The plugin helps you to sell physical or digital products along with various delivery and payment options, and you can also choose it to sell affiliate items.

It provides an impressive set of features, an elegant interface, and an amazing number of extensions. What’s more that the simple plugin is fully free, making it a viable choice for anyone looking to set up an online store. It also effortlessly integrates with several WordPress themes, including Divi.

At over 20 million installs, the success of WooCommerce stands on its own. However, there are many other choices for e-commerce extensions, like eCommerce Product Catalog and Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart. Even so, given WooCommerce’s combination of usability and price, it’s still the number one option to most online stores.

In view of this, we have assured that Divi is completely compliant with WooCommerce straight out of the box. By using the Shops Module in combination to WooCommerce, some stunning results can be achieved. In addition, by selecting the right additions, you can build an impressive, exclusive store that may be difficult to accomplish with other alternatives.

Divi Module of Woocommerce

Divi’s WooCommerce Modules let you edit and design the WooCommerce features using the Divi Builder. This will allow you to use the power of Divi to add, delete, and design WooCommerce elements that build up the product layout to create custom-built page layouts from zero. No more need to revert to external CSS or change custom code templates for the Woocommerce website.

WooCommerce Modules are not limited to item pages alone. You could add Woo Modules everywhere in your website to instantly view similar products, create customizable add-on cart buttons for a specific product, create custom product gallery, and more.

If it’s not enough, WooCommerce content is also accessible through Divi’s dynamic content function, which is incorporated into all Divi modules. This means that you can conveniently pull the elements of Woocommerce and product details to another module in Divi. For instance, if you don’t like to use the Woo Tabs module to view extra product details, you can add it to the dynamic content that included in Divi module.

How does Woocommerce Module Work on Your Website?

WooCommerce Modules work in the same way that dynamic content currently does within the Divi Builder. WooCommerce module needs you to choose a product to produce dynamic content relevant to that product. Dynamic data is extracted from the database and provides the details you entered once you set your Woocommerce item.

When the product is picked, you can use the Divi Builder options to design the dynamic content of the WooCommerce product as you want to any standard Divi module. When the Divi Theme was already installed on your site, you can find the use of Divi Builder button just above the post editor any time you make a new product or page. By selecting this button, the Divi Builder will allow you to control all of the Divi Builder modules, such as WooCommerce Modules. If you allow the Divi Builder on the WooCommerce item page, the Woo Modules will instantly override the Woo Elements which were activated on the WooCommerce product page.

You also can press the Create On The Front End button to begin the Visual Mode developer. You also can press the Activate Visual Builder button on front end of your site once you log in to your WordPress admin area.

divi woocommerce post

Divi Woocommerce on post

Pre-designed Divi WooCommerce Website Templates

To save you from the painfully exhausting task of building a website from scratch, the Divi WordPress Theme is provided with a number of pre-designed site designs. And because you might need various design choices with the same model, Divi delivers its designs and layouts as detailed packages. As a consequence, you get a range of design layouts and colours.

Well, to be more specific, Divi provides 7-8 unique pre-made layouts for every single web package. Keeping in mind that each comes completely developed, you can easily implement templates without significantly changing their internal structure. Here and there, you’re just a few tweaks.

Now, to find yourself the right one for your WooCommerce web store, just scroll through the various categories on the Divi Template blog. Or, instead, use search terms all options instantly.

Well, it really doesn’t take time to find the right Divi web store design. You just have to combine it with WooCommerce, then you’re on your way to develop an impressive WordPress ecommerce website.

Moving on, one of the most excellent aspects you’ll find is that Divi doesn’t depend on looking alone. The WooCommerce templates that obviously come with the Divi Theme have also been designed with features and functions in mind. in addition to traditional shop pages such as shopping cart, products, and check out, Divi provides ecommerce modules by default. More precisely, you get elements like featured items, on-sale products, and more.

Divi Woocommerce


Divi comes with an excellent WordPress page builder plugin of its own. You can use that to easily configure the Divi online store without coding at all. In reality, Divi was built for newbies. You should grow to see a nice interface with very little learning process. It only requires a couple of minutes to get a hold of the entire Divi environment, set this up, and configure Divi’s WooCommerce templates.

In the end, you can do so many things with Divi. It has:

  • Highlit Divi features on Woocommers.
  • Range of customizable designs for every kind of WordPress site, like WooCommerce online shops.
  • Simple-to-use Page Builder, which offers a range of website features and design abilities.
  • Flexible configuration without any type of programming.
  • Easy set up and configure full featured of Divi WooCommerce store.
divi discount

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