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Step by Step to Use the WordPress Classic Divi Editor

Written by Firman


If you’re using the Divi builder in your WordPress site, you will probably find the Divi makeover. When you’re not in the new appearance, the great news is that you can always use the old block gui you’ve become familiar with.

There are actually three WordPress editors that you may pick from. The default TinyMCE editor was replaced with the Block Editor we use currently with the launch of WordPress 5.0. During that transition, the Gutenberg editor plugin was made available as a means of testing new Block Editor capabilities before they were integrated into WordPress Core.

You have the option to utilize any of the three, even though WordPress 5.0’s default editor is the Block Editor. Installing the Gutenberg plugin will give you access to the newest features in your editor, even if they may be unstable. Alternatively, you can continue using the built-in Block Editor.

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The fundamentals of Gutenberg, on the other hand, are the same, and the TinyMCE built into the Classic Editor plugin has feature parity for any provided word processing program  or rich-text editor — not to mention that any WP-specific feature we discuss needs to carry over, typically varying only in appearance, not functionality.

If you only want to use the default wordpress editor where in wordpress version 5 and above already use the guetenberg block editor, then you can go directly to the steps below. If you want to use the classic wordpress editor then you have to install the classic editor wordpress plugin first and then proceed to the next step.

How To Activate WordPress Default Editor

Sign in  to the admin section of the Divi based WordPress site, then

  • Press the DIVI button in the left corner of your WordPress admin area
  • Press the BUILDER menu on the Divi Theme settings option
  • Select the ADVANCED section (just below BUILDER menu bar)
  • Make sure that the New DIVI BUILDER EXPERIENCE ENABLE option is DISABLED. If required, press the Activated button to deactivate this option.

If you’ve upgraded to WordPress 5.x, you’ll also need to ENABLE the CLASSIC EDITOR. If you’re still on version of WordPress 4.x, this is what we’re suggesting at the time of posting, this feature would not be accessible to you or required.

This is what it takes. You’ll also note some modified looks for the Divi Builder, which I like. In general, you would note that now the layout display looks less “blocky” and a little smaller, making it much easier to move to the area you would like to edit.

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