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WooCommerce and Divi Builder Advantages to Build Your Online Shop

Written by Firman


There are a lot of choices especially when it comes to an online shop creation. For instance, you could get a self-contained product and pay for a monthly subscription and then have a beautiful online shop. Or, you can choose WordPress with any template design (using several of the ‘other’ Options) then develop your shop with one of the several eCommerce WordPress plugins available. Other alternatives is to use Divi with WordPress.

It’s just exploring the possibilities when it refers to the choices for building an online shop. Even with all of these choices, WordPress and Divi are still the preferred choice for so many web designers and shop owners. In this post, we’re going to discuss a little bit why that would be the case. Let’s start by looking at the advantages of using WordPress and Divi  to create an online store.

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WordPress is a Dynamic System

With wordpress we can build whatever we like and adding an online shop to it. You don’t just have to create an online shop. You can create a blog, magazine, school, membership website, forum website, individual website, business site services, and more, and have an online shop on that site.

WordPress user could also create an online store and add some of these features to it. User may create a site where the store is the primary focus, but your store can have a blog, a forum, a classroom, a membership section, and more.

WordPress Reputation

32 percent of the website in the world wide is using WordPress. There seem to be a lot of tools that can help you create your site and know how to do it. There are also a number of choices for web host, designing and maintaining the site. It’s simple to learn and configure, Search engine friendly, safe, responsive, contains a lot of post styles and media , and it’s free. It’s extensible with over thousand Wordpress plugins and can be personalized with tons of themes. WordPress itself will be free, but you still have a web domain, servers, etc. Of course, you still have a lot of choices for that.

WordPress provides thousands of plugins and themes, forums support, comprehensive documentation, blogs, and much more to help you build the best site ever. The large network is filled with communities, tutorials, blogs, videos, workshops, textbooks, items, assistance, developers, web designers, and conferences.

Development of WooCommerce

WooCommerce has an incredible range of plugins provided to assist you create the specific features you want to see in your online shop. Add product search, subscriptions, reservations, web analytics, online payments, social media network integration, delivery options, mailing list integration, reports, smart discounts, pricing model, receipt printing, and much more.

There’s many dozens of extensions to choose, so you will have choice of the functionality you need and the price you like to spend. You could add new features as you develop your website.

WooCommerce ‘s Popularity

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress eCommerce website. There are many other ecommerce solutions to choose from for WordPress, but with more than 4 million active installations, it’s fair to say that WooCommerce has been the most popular e – commerce system on WordPress.

WooCommerce supplies all you need to build and maintain an online shop. You could simply integrate it with your current WordPress website; Sale unlimited items, Offer virtual products or physical goods, subscription, memberships, and many more. It’s simple to develop and to create your store distinctive. It has a large community of themes, plugns, course,support, books, designers , developers, meeting-ups, websites,  and many more.

The shop is 100% of yours. Because WordPress, you have completed controlling over your hosting. The WooCommerce suite is free, but there’s always a cost to run a website.

Training Documentation in WooCommerce

There’s also a lot of resources accessible for WooCommerce, such as the WooCommerce forum, the WooCommerce supporting documents, the developer codex, and the woocommerce plugin training itself. Community guidance is also offered through courses, blogs,  books, instructional videos, and many more

Divi Development

Divi is extremely extensible. You can extend it by inserting your own code to build custom functions, by using regular WordPress plugins to add WordPress functionalities, or by inserting plugins that have been developed specifically for Divi.  

There are a number of guides available to assist you integrate code features. Insert your own JavaScript, CSS, PHP or HTML. Divi is loaded with third-party wordpress plugins to incorporate almost any function you can imagine.

Shop Module on Divi Theme.

Build your own customized store pages using the Divi Shop Module. It provides all the configuration features where you can expect of any Divi module so that you can design it to suit into the brand identity of your site.  Develop on the frontend or the backend.

Show what kind of products you desire. Choose among featured, recent, best-selling, highest-rated, or pick the categories you would like to show. Choose any list of items and the columns number to show. Sort by rating, popularity, price, or date.  This allows users to create particular pages for different types of products.

Themes and Layouts  Design of Divi Child for WooCommerce

There are a number of Divi layouts and child themes available to develop your online shop with Divi, so you shouldn’t have to design your web from nothing. They provide pre-designed layouts, customization options, pre-designed modules, and much more. Many of them include multiple pages for your home page, shop, about, blog, contact page, categories product, specific product pages, including all the necessary WooCommerce sites. They’re beautifully made, saving a lot of cash for your website development, and help you to get your online shop launched much faster.

WooCommerce Product Page and Divi Builder

Develop a design with the Divi Builder for the WooCommerce product pages which covers all the modules and design features. Divi Page Configurations let you pick the left, right, or even no sidebar, navigation, and hide the navigation from the scroll. Build layouts and store them to the library, or just use pre – built layouts. Create your product page from the frontend or backend.

Divi Builder Tutorial

There’s also a lot of tutorial available to make you understand Divi from basic to advanced phase. Training provides the Divi guides, the Elegant Themes site, and the comprehensive training offered by Divi itself.

Also there is a lot of web-based third-party tutorial in the form of a website, online courses , videos tutorials,Facebook groups, and much more.

There was enough knowledge on the internet which you can use to do everything you want to do with Divi, and this also includes training how to build and manage an online shop.


Divi and WordPress are a fantastic team once it comes to creating an online shop. They all play really well. Separately, they has several advantages, and when integrated, they match up to make an outstanding tool that’s difficult to match.

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