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Divi Header Pack by Dope Designs Review – Premium Header Design for Divi

Written by Firman


A website header may be a fantastic way to set yourself out from your competitors. Every page of a website has a header, which is the top section. It displays bove the navigation and below the website’s title. It could appear as a title, a motto, a logo, etc.

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Since your site header will be the first thing people see when they arrive at your page, this is also a chance to showcase the personality of your business. The use of a logo is the method most frequently used to construct website headers.

There are several approaches to this task, though. You could use a website header that only contains a title, one that only contains a tagline, or one that combines all three. The header is significant because it establishes the style for your company and encourages customers to trust you.

Divi Header Pack by  Dope Designs comes with more than 790 Modern & Innovative Header Layout. Excellent package for web developers. You can choose whatever layout and configure it to work with your webpage or your customer’s site.

Divi Header Pack Features 

  • Created with the Native Divi Module
  • Design every module to fit the design of your website
  • Responsive design to all devices
  • Every header design arrives with a lot more functionality.
  • Updates to Lifetime
  • More than 65 Header Design
  • More than 290 Functional Header
  • More than 790 Total Header
  • More than 30 Effects of the menu
  • More than 30 Menu drop-down effects
  • 4 Custom Menu Dropdown animations
  • New Headers Created Once A week!!!

OFF-Canvas Menu

Each Header Designs already ahve off-canvas menu that can slide from right or left. You can add any other module bellow menu module in off-canvas section.

Develop with Native Divi Modules

All of These Headers are created with native Divi Modules.

Responsive on All Devices

30+ Menu Effects

Example 1:

Example 2:

30+ Dropdown Menu Effects

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3;

Click here to see more live demo

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