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Divi Mobile Menu Review

Written by Firman


With Divi Mobile Menu Plugin, you can take the Divi mobile website towards the next level.

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Is a mobile menu necessary for your Divi site?

This wordpress plugin helps to create a beautiful mobile menu for your Divi website’s TABLET, DESKTOP, and MOBILE displays without needing to type any code. The theme customizer has all of our options, including a realtime display of the mobile menu.

You can combine and mix multiple menus, hamburger icons, and sub-menus designs to discover something new. With this plugin, you’ll be able to create an infinite number of Mobile Menu alternatives.

Features of the Divi Mobile Menu

Styles of Pre-Made Menus

Go to one of our premade menu design styles or build custom menu styles. Select a menu which you prefer, then adjust the options to meet your Divi site.

Premade Menus

Divi Mobile chosen menus that are both stylish and functional. Wethe developer will create more options for you in the future. Please see the Divi mobile manual to see the pre-made menus.

Icons of Hamburger

The Plugin created a number of customizable hamburger icons for their customer to utilize to assist you enhance the aesthetic of your Divi mobile menu. You may also adjust the animations of the hamburger icon to match your needs using this functionality. Please see the Divi mobile guide for a list of our hamburger icons.


Among the most difficult things for a Divi developer is showing sub-menus from the Divi mobile menu. The plugin  provided a number of options for you to select from, such as the popular side-by-side design, which is ideal for websites with huge, complex submenus. Additional sub-menus styles will be developed in the future. 

Stop stacking

On mobile, the Divi builder layers columns upon top of one another. Divi Mobile  offer an answer for you if you want to stop the mobile menu columns from stacking. They are  developed a module that aligns your columns side by side. 

 developed a module that aligns your columns side by side. 

Inject Divi Layouts 

You could truly take customisation towards the next level by creating layouts throughout the Divi library and thereafter injecting them into the menu.

You may use the plugin to inject layouts created with the Divi builder into the Divi library. This Divi Mobile plugin feature makes it possible to create custom mobile menus that will bring the Divi mobile menu towards the next level.

Constructed with the user in mind

All of our mobile menu designs have been meticulously considered and built to be fluid, clean, and user-friendly. We value speed, so just the code you want is loaded and reduced – no bloated CSS or JS files.

Controlling the headers

Take charge of your Divi website’s header. You may adjust the height and color scheme, along with move components like the search and cart icons and the logo. Most e-Commerce websites feature their logo mostly in middle, a search and cart symbol on one side, and a burger menu on another — Divi Mobile can do all of this and more.

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