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Create eCommerce Website Using Divi And Woocommerce

Written by Firman


Global e-commerce transactions are anticipated to reach $5.5 trillion in 2022, according to This figure is anticipated to increase over the following several years, demonstrating how profitable ecommerce is growing to be for companies.

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Additionally, 20.3 percent of all retail sales worldwide are anticipated to be made online in 2022. In other words, this year, and over $0.22 of any $1 spent on product retail will be made online.

Online sales are anticipated to increase further and increase their share of the overall retail market. Global retail e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $7.3 trillion by 2025, with e-commerce accounting for 23.6 % of all retail trade.

Online sales are the future. We are all used to shopping online, and now the pandemic has compelled many conventional brick and mortar companies to think about going digital and online selling.

They are all aware of the enormous possibilities that an online store offers.

There are no territorial limitations when operating an internet store. All year long, you are always online. You can expand your customer base and stop being merely a neighborhood shop. In a real sense, you are giving yourself access to endless possibilities!

Do you also want to know the most cost-effective strategy to open an eCommerce store?

What is e-commerce ?

The term “e-commerce” stands for electronic commerce. Okay, answer me, how many of you have bought or sold something over the internet? So then, you have already started using eCommerce. eCommerce refers to the business of buying or selling products or services over an electronic network, such as the internet.

The days when you have to visit the market to purchase a single thing already gone. These days, all you have to do is place an order online, and everything will be delivered right to your home. Online businesses are expanding quickly because they are convenient and easy. The majority of business revenue today is produce from eCommerce,  And online platforms are enabling everyone to achieve it. The capacity to conduct business online has evolved into a crucial requirement for every company looking to stay competitive. Online shopping is convenient for whatever you would need, including clothes, entertainment, food, medical assistance, and household goods.

WordPress is generally use as the first platform when creating websites. More specifically, this platform powers 40% among all websites on the planet. It is already use by a number big enterprise like Fortune 500 firms, The Walt Disney, BBC America, and many others. WordPress is strong, adaptable, and simple to manage. And anyone may build any kind of website they can imagine with a little assistance from the appropriate premium WordPress theme.

WordPress is a platform that efficiently handles the content of your ecommerce site. It is therefore possible to use it to create your website, add design, and update and modify your contents. Simply click “new post” and type your text into the box to publish a new post. Editing already published content is also a simple procedure.

To begin with, setting up a WordPress e-commerce website is the quickest and most straightforward approach to open your own business. You are no longer need to create your personal store from zero (a custom e-commerce store), nor are you going to restrict by owning an externally hosted store, which means that your store is a component of other website to which you merely link.

Wocommerce Plugin

WordPress is a powerful piece of web application that already has the majority of the elements you’ll need to create a fantastic website. Many customers discover, nevertheless, that they would like to add particular features that aren’t include in the product base. In order to increase the capability of WordPress, you can add wordpress plugin to your website.

You’ll must have at least one plugin because they are indispensable to an e-commerce site. Some plugins will let you create and manage an ecommerce store, whereas others assist with inventory control, customer relations, support, and security.

WooCommerce is among the most well-known instances of a WordPress e-commerce plugin. In actuality, it supports 42% of all online shopping sites. It has 5 million+ active installs and over 75 million downloads.

You will discover that practically all e-commerce web developers are aware on WooCommerce when you are looking to improve your website. As you’ve seen, selecting a platform such WooCommerce offers a number of benefits and it will actually make the e-commerce creation easier, quicker, and also more efficient aspects you should aspire for that as a business.

The greatest decision you’ll make for your site will be which theme to use, followed by which plugins to use.

Select the Best Hosting for Your Online Store.

The next most crucial step in developing your e-commerce operation is picking the best hosting for WooCommerce. As you might already be aware, selecting a WordPress as your website platform as the first choice you need to make when establishing your online store. It’s also not enough to choose an affordable hosting plan because it is a crucial choice for things to operate well. To ensure that your choice is the right one, you must base it on a number of important considerations. By doing this, you can avoid issues like server crashes, slow website loading times, error 50x, etc.

There are two typical kinds of WordPress hosting services, which you should be aware of if you wish to utilize WordPress as your e-commerce platform:

Managed. Managed WordPress solutions automate operations such installation, security, updates, and backups, although the specific features vary depending on the provider. For newcomers or companies who don’t want to bother with ongoing website administration, this is a perfect solution. Managed services, although, are typically more costly and give little control.

Non-managed. These hosting options give you greater responsibility. Although servers could still be secure and speed tuned for WordPress, you will have to manage everything else. These packages often cost less and need more time, but you do have more flexibility and won’t encounter the limitations that managed services frequently do.

Many sizable businesses provide managed WordPress hosting. They should be familiar with the WordPress environment from the inside and out because their solutions are designed to make WordPress run quickly.

You are entering the realms of premium hosting with the wordpress website, so yes, the pricing are often greater than a regular VPS plan and possibly a little higher above a managed VPS service. These managed WordPress hosting providers should provide first-rate and timely support because they have built their systems on a lightning-fast infrastructure (like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform). Of course, you must pay extra for this service.

Namecheap Esywp For Ecommerce Solution

There are several ways to purchase managed wordpress hosting services, but Easywp from NameCheap is one of the safest and most dependable choices in my opinion.

Since its establishment as a management service and a domain registration in 2000, Namecheap has grown to serve over 3 million customers and maintain over 10 million domains. You probably know of Namecheap if you’ve considered building a WordPress website and looked into web hosting providers.

They launched EasyWP, a managed service WordPress hosting, in 2017, and it quickly became popular among WordPress websites. EasyWP stood out since it completly manage and supported by the Namecheap name, and offered affordable price.

It’s crucial to understand that EasyWP is a cloud-based hosting service, which means you receive all the advantages of dedicated server hosting without any of the drawbacks that VPS or even shared hosting providers may experience—all for the cost of shared hosting—making it the best of both worlds.

Pick The Best WordPress Theme For You Online Store

A wordpress theme is a piece of application that controls your web’s design, including how it looks, how it’s organized, and how elements like sidebars and menus  function. Your theme is important since it determines how visitors will see your website. It also has an impact on how simple it is for them to access information and shop.

It’s crucial to make a choice the best theme that create specially for e-commerce or at the very least will have all the design elements your store will require. Choose a theme with a ton of customization possibilities, a completely responsive layout, and a simple user interface. WordPress themes are essential, and Elegant Themes’ Divi theme is an awesome one you might want to take into consideration. Divi is already build for e-commerce and quick sales processes, but it may also use with a typical business website. Let’s look at how to use the Divi Theme to build an online store.

WordPress is a useful tool for ecommerce in particular. When you take into account all we previously mentioned, it comes as no surprise that this platform is everyone’s top choice, especially if they own an online store.  A lso Divi themes  are compatible with free woommerce plugin , you would have an ecommerce store fully operational in a few of days, if it is not hours.

Why Choose Divi To Create An Ecommerce Website?

Does Divi Work Well For eCommerce? Yes, It’s great for e-commerce. It offers a lot of great features which are excellent for websites which are primarily focused on e-commerce. Divi’s flexibility works in its favor once it gets to webpages that function as online shops. It essentially serves as an excellent feature for ecommerce and Woocommerce websites, which explains why there’s a lot of sites that have been designed and built with Divi.

The Divi theme works well with business websites, blogs,  e-commerce websites, Woocommerce, and many other things. It offers choices for websites to get any layout design they want.

If you’ve a WordPress e-commerce site that is quite restricted in terms of style and even layout, Divi will be a terrific extension to your website. Divi is a great option for anyone searching for an excellent website builder.

Woocommerce Module Drag and Drop Visual Builder

Additionally, Divi has over 200 element modules. These native modules let you easily construct your website by dragging and dropping elements into the page builder. The components that make up modules include things such buttons, a list of blog articles,  image galleries, client testimonials, embedded videos, and many more. Each one offers the option to change the design, feel, and appearance so that everything fits with the branding of your website.

The Divi Theme for wordpress offers a number of WooCommerce-specific modules in addition to normal web design ones that you can use to create product pages and designs throughout your website.

The Divi Page Builder, however, is a drag-and-drop builder with sophisticated customization options. Without any prior coding knowledge, you can move and define items, rows, columns, and modules. In other words, it’s the kind of builder that someone just learning Divi WooCommerce would want to have.

Even Divi design for beginners, the Divi Website Builder is an editor which also helps senior developers. They can advance their Divi WooCommerce projects by methodically fusing its visual characteristics with CSS controls.

Predesigned Divi WooCommerce Website Layouts

The Divi WordPress Theme has a variety of predesigned website layouts to spare you the painfully difficult process of building a website from scratch. Additionally, Divi provides its website designs in complete packs because you might require various layout alternatives for the same template. As a result, you get different template designs and colors.

To be more exact, each website pack that Divi offers has roughly 7-8 different pre-designed templates. Since each one is already constructed, you can quickly adapt the layouts without having to significantly change their underlying structure. Just a few little adjustments here and there.

Simply browse the numerous site categories layout pack on the Divi Theme to pick the ideal one to the WooCommerce ecommerce website. Use keywords instead to instantly search through all choices.

Plugin for email opt-in to attract customers

You’ll have access not just to the Divi theme once you buy an Elegant Themes subscription. One of the top WordPress plugins for creating email opt-in forms is Bloom, which you may utilize as well.

All e-commerce websites must have a lead capture form, also with Bloom you can design and set up an email subscription form to collect leads for your email list. 19 of the most well-liked email marketing networks are compatible with Bloom.

Example of a Divi Ecommerce Website

I’ve lined up a few webpages that are using Divi to give you a sense of the types of themes you could create with it. Use all these ecommerce site samples to learn more about the styles preferred by the top websites in your industry, find ideas during your next Divi work, and develop your skills as a web designer.

Olivia Bio

olivia oil divi woocommerce example

Olivia Bio is a Warsaw, Poland-based retailer of olive oil product. Natural herbs that have been harvested from farms and processed to make wholesome soaps,oils,  cheeses, etc. are sold by Olivia Bio.

3D Galileo

galileo wocommerce example

Galileo 3D Technology is selling 3D printing materials. This website create using Divi and WooCommerce, this multilingual online store is build to sell Italian 3D printing products.

Nikki Hill Apothecary

Nikki Hill Apothecary is  creatd to sell therapeutic products including herbal teas, tinctures, candles, and body oils.

Calie Couture London

Calie Couture London, a company located in London that sells custom eyelash extensions. The website create by using WooCommerce and Divi.

Premade Divi Woocomerce Layout

Currently, Divi has 25 woocommerce module elements that will support you in making your e-commerce website look more professional. Not only does it have 25 woocommerce modules, but the Divi team also releases free pre-designed layout packs every week with various niches, of course, including layout packs for your e-commerce needs. For those of you who don’t want to build your website from scratch, then a pre-designed layout pack will be suitable to help you build an e-commerce website faster.

Free Woocommerce Predesign Layout

Here are some free pre-design layout packs that you can use, whether created by the Divi team itself or from outside of the Divi theme community.

Divi’s Essential Oils Layout Pack

Released by the elegantthemes team in November 2021, this layout pack consists of 8 design layouts, including the homepage design, landing page, shopping page, product page, etc. Not only for essential oils, you can also use the design in this pack layout for other products. Essential oil packs can download on the page builder of your website.

Clothing Store Layout Pack

The Clothing Store Layout Pack publish in mid-November 2021. The layout pack is for those of you who want to quickly create an online clothing store without the need to start all over again.

Beauty Product Layout Pack

For those of you who want to build a beauty product online store, the beauty product layout page is perfect for your needs. The team from Elegant Themes released this layout pack in August 2020. It has eight layout designs ranging from the homepage, landing page, about page, to product page.

Electronics Store Layout Pack

Electronics is one of the niche products that is developing very fast in the world of e-commerce. Therefore, the team from the division designed a layout that is very suitable for those of you who want to create an online electronic store, and the electronic store layout pack is the answer.

DiviWoo Free Layout Pack

This layout pack was created by a Divi user. As we know, Divi has a very large community and many of them contribute to the development of the platform. Mark Hendriksmen, the creator of this layout pack, gives it away for free for those who want to create an online store website. Consisting of 7 custom pages, including custom headers and footers, you can create various types of e-commerce websites easily and with very detailed explanations.

Premium Divi Woocommerce Layout

Besides the free predesigned layout packs that you can get from Elegant Themes or the Divi user community, you can also use premium layout packs. Here are a variety of premium pre-made pac design layouts that you can use.

WooCommerce Layouts From Divi Extended

Divi extended designed this layout pack for those of you who want to build your web store quickly, but don’t forget the elegant design and features that pamper your consumers. This design pack consists of 65 layouts consisting of 25 products, 20 shops, 10 sections, and also 5 cart and cart layout pages. You can easily customize all of these page layouts according to your needs. You will also get premium support if you buy this product from the Divi marketplace.

10 Awesome WooCommerce Product Pages.

These 10 awesome woocommerce product pages are specially for those who need a design on a product page. This product is selling on the Divi marketplace. For those of you who want an elegant and more colorful design on your product page, then this layout pack is perfect for you.

ComPro – Divi Child Theme for WooCommerce

ComPro is an online shop, ecommerce, shopping,  fashion, woocommerce,sales, lifestyle, digital products, electronics store, digital marketplace, vendor, and shopping cart category-appropriate multi-page Divi child theme.

Clothing – WooCommerce Wardrobe WooCommerce Divi Child Theme

The Wardrobe WooCommerce Child Theme for Divi is a stylish and contemporary child theme. The Shop, Shoes, Fashion, Store, eCommerce, Business, and Accessories categories all work well with this theme.


If you choose to use Divi to build an e-commerce website, it would also be in your best interest to learn what WordPress and divi layout to cretae the best ecommerce website for your need. You could also do extensive research on e-commerce design concepts, website color schemes, and other topics.

Many online businesses created with WordPress and Divi also employ Woocommerce plugins, which have extra capabilities that can help your e-commerce website in a variety of ways.

With the help of the Divi Builder, you can use the Divi Shop module to integrate the WooCommerce products into a page. Divi is generally pre-loaded and compliant with the WooCommerce plugin.

In order to create website product pages that are interesting and useful, it also helps if you use the 25 Divi Woo modules included in the Divi Builder. You can use WooCommerce elements everywhere on a Divi project.

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