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DP Preloader from Divi Professional review

Written by Firman


Well, loading a screen is boring. If we are unable to discern what is occurring, it may also be concerning. Once we click on something, we anticipate seeing some sort of response. We want confirmation that our request was received by the computer and is being fulfilled. Therefore, a preloader can be useful for loading screens.

An animated graphic which displays while the page loads is known as a preloader. Preloaders are a terrific method to show visitors some visual clues that the page is loading while also providing them with entertainment. In this tutorial, we’ll use a plugin called DP Preloader to show you how to insert a preloader to Divi. It’s simple to use, so you can easily personalize your preloader.

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DP Preloader may be bought via the Divi Marketplace. A third-party plugin called DP Preloader offers a variety of options for where and how the preloader will appear. It generally costs $13 and offers unrestricted access to the website as well as support and updates for a whole year.

There are 55 predefined preloaders, a custom upload feature using a GIF as an animations,  preloader,the ability to display it only on particular pages, the ability to hide it on mobile, the ability to create mobile breakpoints, etc. Blank templates don’t seem to work, however the default template, whether using the default header or the Theme Builder, works flawlessly. It’s a great option for incorporating both pre-made and personalized preloaders into your Divi website.

With DP Preloader Divi Plugin, users could simply add a preloader with our website, which would be responsive and created with CSS as well as minimal HTML markup.

DP Preloader is simple to be used this is the plugin features : 

  • Configure to enable or disable the preloader
  • View Just on Home Page Option
  • Hidden on Mobile Preloader setting
  • 55 Predefined preloader and also more soon coming
  • Opportunity to upload custom preloader
  • Color change preloader setting
  • Options for animation
  • Try hiding Preloader On Mobile Device width
  • Show the preloader on a specific page
  • One-time Payment
  • Use unrestricted web
  • Updates for Lifetime & Free Support
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