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Floating Divi Menus by Dondivi Review

Written by Firman


Visitors will find it simple to view your menu at any moment while on your page if you add a floating menu to your website. This is excellent for secondary navigation menus that support the main menu at the top of the page. You can also use it to provide menus tailored to the information on your website. For your services page, for instance, you might wish to have a special sub navigation menu with links to each of your many services.

Create Floating Menu Using Floating Divimenu Plugin

Floating DiviMenus enables users to insert a DiviMenu on the Divi Library to any pages users choose. The DiviMenu would be presented on the other sections of the site.

Users also can modify and configure these settings on the metabox that you should locate when editing every page seperately.

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The Divi WordPress Plugin Options Page lets you easily insert a Floating DiviMenu to the WordPress page or  post.

To view this page, go over to the DonDivi menu and select Floating Divimenus.

To insert a Floating Divimenus, users should picked the DiviMenu to show, the target page and post , and the location. 

View global level, edit locally.

DiviMenus Admin Page Show a Global Floating DiviMenus with All Pages, Search Results page, Selective Categories page,  404 Page, and so on.

Meta box: Hide, Relocate or Replace a DiviMenu from the single page or post with using Metabox of the Floating DiviMenu.

Take complete control outside of Visual Builder.

Neither Floating DiviMenu would then bother users once users edit a Visual Builder page!

The major benefit of Floating DiviMenus is that you really can insert that to your pages without trying to enter it because, as you know, the certain floating element within the Visual Builder makes it hard to pick and modify certain modules on each page.

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