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Shortcodes for Divi by Divi Space Review

Written by Firman


The usage of shortcodes by Divi is well known, as is the mess the shortcode can create, but that’s a story for another time.

There are a several ways that you, as the developer of a Divi website, would desire to effectively utilize it on your website.

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You should mostly use shortcodes with Divi for the following 2 purposes:

  • Use third-party plugins to embed their functionality and content.
  • To embed one Divi element inside another, use Divi shortcodes.

The plugin is incredibly helpful for using shortcodes to display Divi layouts on any page of your website!

Every layout on your Divi Library will have shortcodes created for it automatically.  You may therefore use it in any text box on your Divi website. The tabs module,slider module,  toggle module, etc., are just a few examples of difficult-to-customize sections that can now display Divi content. You can display modules inside of modules with the plugin!

Shortcodes For Divi is a Divi extension plugin which allows users to add Divi layouts everywhere which covers text on the website using this plugin-generated shortcodes.

Step by step to use  the plugin;

Save all the layout of the Divi Library

shortcode divi

Copy the shortcode generated

Paste where you’d like layout to be displayed

The plugin give you a free the Divi Visual Builder in areas which have never been possible earlier! Nest Modules, put a picture on a tab, a price tab on a widget, reviews or blog posts on the sidebar.

divi discount

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