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Hide & Show Divi Module Review

Written by Firman


Hide & Show Divi modules lets users show or hide  content base on LogIn Condition, Time and Date, User Role. Use that to hide information during in the development of the divi based website or even to display specific target information to specific customer at particular times.

Divi-Modules – Hide & Show brings a number of new fields towards the Visibility Toggle of each Row, Section, Column and Module element inside the Divi Builder. Around each other, they enable you to show or hide web content depending on the user’s login position, user role, time and date.

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With the Targeted Contents

Utilise the plugin to confirm who finds the information. Build special discounts, alerts, as well as other user-specific material, or use the Hide From option to allow material inaccessible to specific people, like Logged-Out users.

With the development of the website

Utilise plugin to cover up latest web content from viewers and consumers until you become ready to release it. Choose Show To to maintain normal accessibility for content editorial staff like Editors, Admins, and Authors.

With the Timed Contents

Utilize the plugin to generate timed information, e.g. limited deals, holiday specials or time limited notifications. Just use Start Time and Stop Date configurations to instantly display or hide your information at particular times and dates.

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